About MountaineerTV LLC Services

 MountaineerTV.com is building a video portal featuring interesting content from West Virginia Bloggers and beyond. We love finding the great deals, music & events.

Any questions please call us at 304-404-3411

Advertising– Your company can advertise on our media websites via print and/or video.  Using our experienced media team, we can create a campaign designed for placing your product/services in the limelight at a competitive price.

Newspapers, radio, and television are optional in your campaign. We would like to introduce you to our online network that generates over 910,000 hits a month.  Allow us to help you find new creative ways to spread your message sensibly and cost effectively.  Current media demands that you spend thousands of dollars to be remembered but the reports are small and questionable.  Our strategy is to help you connect directly with your customers using social media, audio, video, and print without the heavy startup costs associated.  Call us and start saving.


Video services–  Custom commercial that educates and entertains the audience via the internet.  A custom 15,30,90 second commercial intended for TV cable/dish is also available.  Our discretion is the joy of the internet’s power of not having to be confined to having to edit at a defined timeframe.  Believe it or not, it adds hours to the equation.

View our video projects here.

  • Preproduction–  Creation of the concept, writing the script, securing the location, and casting the talent can take more time than the production itself.  Fortunately our past experiences reduce this process along with our database of professionals and talent enable us here at MountaineerTV to produce projects both large and small.

  • Production– The actual on location and/or in studio filming of your project.   Our goal is to inform and entertain your audience.   We aren’t interested in creating a commercial that is goofy and tongue in cheek.   We prefer to create an interview like scenario as well as a continuous video blog that showcases your products/services.  This will help all of us complete the production effectively and on time.  Most important, the viewers will receive the information that they were looking for to begin with, saving time and not wasting it.

  • Post-production- The final stages require organizing and splicing the footage, sound design, title design, and output.

Photography– Our professional photographers can enhance your physical place of work, product specifications, and staff in epic proportions.   We work in both our studio and your location(s), but ultimately,your product, your space, and your smile are all worth a thousand words and our job is to capture it with the appropriate style/theme.  Bundle with our other services and receive a generous discount.


Graphic Design– Our graphic design team will build the necessary logos, business cards, and  graphics offering a genuine feel with your company image.

Print– We are brokers with one of the largest print companies in the United States that can give you competitive prices on paper printed products such as brochures, postcards, business cards, and mailing services.  If you are looking for t-shirts and clothing, we have that covered as well with a long established West Virginia screen printing company.